CAERUS Trophy Series 2023
Introducing CAERUS Trophy Series 2023!


We are delighted to invite all of you to join the kick off game for this year season and be part of #caerusfamilia and #caerusmovement. Collect your Order of Merits (OOM) at any or all CAERUS Trophy Series 2023.


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Existing Deemples user? Easy peasy guys! Search for the keyword "CAERUS Trophy Series" and join from there. We're super excited to see you all on the game day. See you soon aite!


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Men, Ladies & Senior



The Caerus Trophy Series 2023 Order of Merit (CTS2023 OOM) provides players the opportunity to track their performance against others based on results from designated events in 10 different locations in Malaysia only. These terms relate to eligibility of players and the determination of the winner, place getters and other awards for the CTS2023 OOM.


1. Event

1.1 The CTS2023 OOM programs consists of designated events as per below locations:


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CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #1On Sun, 29-01-2023 08:00 AM
at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #2 On Sun, 19-02-2023 08:00 AM
at Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #3 On Sun, 14-05-2023 08:00 AM
at Kelab Golf Seri Selangor

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #4 On Sun, 18-06-2023 08:00 AM
at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #5 On Sun, 23-07-2023 08:00 AM
at IOI Palm Villa Golf & Country Club

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #6 On Sun, 20-08-2023 08:00 AM
at Mahkota Golf & Country Club

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #7 On Sat, 16-09-2023 08:00 AM
at Kelab Golf Seri Selangor

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #8 On Sun, 15-10-2023 08:00 AM
at Staffield Country Resort

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 SERIES #9 On Sun, 12-11-2023 08:00 AM
at Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Club

CAERUS TROPHY 2023 GRAND FINAL On Sun, 17-12-2023 08:00 AM
at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort


1.2   The CTS2023 OOM season will be held between 1 January 2023 till 31 December 2023

1.3   Points accumulated from the events listed in Term 1.1 will count towards the following CTS2023 OOM categories:

  • Men (Gross)
  • Ladies (Gross)
  • Senior (Gross)

Note: All categories above are gross competitions unless otherwise stated.


2. Eligibility

2.1 For players to accrue points towards their respective CTS2023 OOM, they must meet each of the following at the time of the CTS2023 OOM event:

  • Be an amateur golfer, holding an active Deemples handicap.
  • For seniors, be 55 years of age or over on the first day of the event for men and 55 years of age or over on the first day of the event for ladies.
  • Conform in all respects to the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Ltd.

2.2 A player remains eligible to win their respective CTS2023 OOM if for example they turn professional during the season, as any legitimately accrued points (as per Term 2.1) will remain ‘live’ until the end of the season. The same applies for seniors turning 55 during the respective CTS2023 OOM season.

2.3 The decision of CTS2023 as to acceptance or refusal of a player’s results from CTS2023 OOM events for the CTS2023 OOM is final.


3. General

3.1 CTS2023 organizing team will have the sole management and control of the CTS2023 OOM, with full power at any time to alter or vary any of the Terms.

3.2 All CTS2023 OOMs will be administered and published online at page.

3.3 CTS2023’s organizing team decision on matters affecting the CTS2023 OOM will be final.


4. Determining the winner and other finishing positions

4.1 A player’s final OOM position will be determined by totaling the points gained from the respective CTS2023 OOM events during the season, taking the player’s results of the total number of events on the respective CTS2023 OOM calendar during the season.

4.2 The players with the highest points total (as per Term 4.1), gained during the season (as per Term 1.2), will be the winners of the CTS2023 OOMs in each category listed in Term 1.3.

4.3 If there are less than 15 players on certain event for any categories, the points are awarded down the last place only.


5. Points and weightings

5.1 Two entry points are awarded to each player for entry in each event to reward regular attendance.

5.2 One additional points are awarded to each player who sign up with partners.

5.3 Placing points are awarded in ascending order from 15 – 1 to the top 15 placegetters in each event. Hence, 1st = 15 points, 2nd = 14 points and so on. Players tied in a placing each receive the points for that place.
































15th and above



5.4 In the event of a tie for the Order of Merit title, there will be no countback and the tied players will share the award and the prize pool. Countbacks will be used to separate the prize pool for the minor places.

  • 1st tiebreaker: Whoever entered the most events.
  • 2nd tiebreaker: Whoever scored points in the most events.
  • 3rd tiebreaker: Most wins, then 2nds, then 3rds, etc.


Order of Merit Terms & Conditions

  1. The OOM runs for a calendar year in CAERUS events from January to December of 2023.
  2. Only players with current Deemples handicaps are eligible to receive OOM points. If you are new Deemples user, we strongly advice to get it ready before our game kick start. More details on how to get Deemples handicap can be found here.
  3. If there are less than 15 players, the points are awarded down the last place only.
  4. Eligibility, points awarded, event results, prizes awarded, membership and OOM results are all at the sole discretion of CAERUS Group Sdn Bhd.
  5. CAERUS Group Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend, alter or revise the conditions of entry, the prize pool, membership status and event results without notice.
  6. Players enter and participate in events at their own risk.